Sol M Logo
Sol M Culture
Modern Spaces that Contribute to Collaboration
Headquartered in Chicago, Sol M boasts a stunning new office which features an open concept design with free-flowing spaces that promote the cross-functional collaboration of a start-up. State-of-the-art phone booths and meeting rooms provide the privacy needed for calls and meetings.
A Global Company with Diversity at Our Core
We pride ourselves on building collaborative teams from all walks of life that work together towards a common goal. We believe that it strengthens our commitment to inclusivity, enriches our company's culture and contributes to our overall success.
Comfort in the Details
The influence of world class art museums in the area is not lost on the spaces of Sol M. In every corner of the office, employees and visitors a like are welcomed and comforted by sculptures and paintings by local artists. Plants and fresh flowers help create a warmth that makes it feel like a home away from home.
Working In the Heart of a World-Class City
Working in the "City of Big Shoulders” means we work hard at being the best we can be. It also means having the opportunity to occasionally indulge in the beauty of a world-class city and all its downtown area has to offer.

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